Read, Learn and Participate in World Oceans Day!

Today is World Oceans Day and many organizations are celebrating the oceans beauty in numerous ways. Oceana, Marine Mammal Center and The Ocean Foundation are just some non-profit organizations devoted to protecting the world’s oceans and have all mentioned different ways we can protect our oceans and celebrate World Oceans Day with them.

How can you celebrate our oceans? Recycle, reuse, and reduce! It’s the most popular pledge and one of the most important. By recycling and reusing, you can protect marine eco-systems from further pollution. For example, take your own bag on your next grocery shopping day to reduce the amount of plastic invading our oceans. Or start eating sustainable seafood! Or try something simple like cleaning up litter at your local beach!

If you do not live on the coast or near a beach… you can wear blue in honor of World Oceans Day, read and learn about oceans, watch documentaries about ocean expeditions, or post pictures on Twitter and Facebook of when you did visit the ocean on your last vacation.

Overall, there are multiple ways to protecting our ocean and showing your appreciation on this specific day. Now, how are you going to celebrate World Oceans Day?

You can always start by supporting Oceana, Marine Mammal Center, and The Ocean Foundation on by making a kind donation to support their efforts!

– Kassie Hernandez


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