Aveda Earth Month Update


We are pleased to announce that AvedaEarthMonth.org, developed by YourCause, reached more than $55,000 in donations throughout April.  We could not be more excited for Aveda, which campaigns every year (especially during Earth Month) to provide clean water around the world.

We truly honor their efforts.  In fact, more donations will be made before I even finish this post!  The number just keeps growing!  They’ve done a great job at rallying Aveda team members, salons, spas, clients and customers to join together for a great cause.

If you haven’t checked it out yet, go to AvedaEarthMonth.org and see how fun and easy it is to donate.  First, you have to find a group you want to join or support.  Groups are based on Aveda salons, spas, institutes or experience center’s locations.  Each group is then associated with chosen environmental nonprofits that are experts in providing sustainable environmental practices and protection.

YourCause truly feels priviledged to be able to help with the Aveda Earth Month campaign!  We hope to keep up the great work not just during the month of April, but year-long!

– Lizette Romero


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