Be a Water Warrior!

Tomorrow we officially launch one of our client projects — Aveda Earth Month!

Aveda salons, institutions and locations set aside the whole month of April to love, celebrate and raise monies to protect the Earth and its peoples. Aveda raised more than $18 million since 1999.

In four years Aveda’s Earth Month efforts have helped to:

  • Protect or improve 550,000 people’s access to clean water;
  • Support 16,000 women in becoming activists for clean water in their communities;
  • Enable 275 communities to take action against toxic industrial pollution and hundreds of other projects,
  • And much more!

However, efforts for the campaign must continue.  Our work isn’t done with yet.  Sadly, every 21 seconds a child dies from lack of access to clean water.

So, Be A Water Warrior, and help Aveda change that!

Here’s How:

  • Visit
  • Click the ‘Find a Group’ button to figure out which salon/team/location you’d like to make the donation through (it’s also a friendly competition between the Aveda locations).
  • Once you choose your group, click ‘View Group’ and make your donation!

Happy Earth Month,

– Lizette Romero





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