Hang in there, Japan.

It’s hard to fathom the number of people dead or missing in Japan. 

The figure, a staggering 21,000 total, equals the number of lives gone or unaccounted for.  My first and immediate comparison was that it is equal to half the population of the town I grew up in.  I pictured my family, friends, neighbors, etc. being this number.  It became more than just a number.

Then, I saw a more positive number.  The number of donations GlobalGiving raised for Japan efforts equal a total of $1,875,236…. and still growing.  As our partner, GlobalGiving makes it possible for YourCause to process international donations to international crisis like the Pacific Tsunami and Japan earthquake.  In addition, we feed all of GlobalGiving’s projects within the YourCause framework.  You can view the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund here on YourCause. 

We support GlobalGiving because they change the way people give by offering donors a transparent, high-impact fundraising experience outside of the United States. GlobalGiving acts as an application programming interface (API) partner with YourCause, enabling our members to make direct donations to charities associated with creative projects GlobalGiving hosts (that may never get funded otherwise). GlobalGiving provides a preferred international non-profit vetting partner to YourCause, enhancing our international disaster relief and crisis platform by making donations more immediate, safe and efficient.

In addition, while browsing GlobalGiving’s site, a Japanese band-aid graphic caught my eye and ultimately, gave me the inspiration for this blog post.  The graphic, designed by Robert Troutman and donated to GlobalGiving, was too good not to pass on.  We really wish the best for Japan during these days of devastation.

– Lizette Romero


View other fundraising groups raising money for Japan Relief on YourCause:


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