Recognize Corporate Giving, Today and Everyday

Today marks International Corporate Philanthropy Day (ICPD), a day annually celebrated on the fourth Monday in February that honors corporate community partnerships.  ICP Day should inspire businesses around the world to engage further in philanthropy.   It appears as though making money and doing good in the world is no longer something to hide under the rug.  Yes, businesses can help themselves by helping others.   And together, the Community Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy,the Board of Boards CEO Conference and the United Nations meet today in New York City to share insights, best practices, and ways to advance the business case for corporate community investment. 

Voted as one of the Top Executive Gatherings in Weber Shandwick’s annual Five Star Conference Analysis, even the Empire State Building and the clock tower at Wrigley Building in Chicago light up in blue and green to commemorate International Corporate Philanthropy Day.

If you’re wondering how you can help celebrate ICP Day, here are a few ideas (taken from the CECP website):

  • Tell your company’s philanthropy story and be proud. Promote it through blog, your website, a newsletter, etc.
  • Further engage senior management, employees, and nonprofit partners in your giving programs.
  • Raise awareness of the important role of corporate philanthropy in fostering stronger relationships across sectors.
  • Publicize your company’s philanthropic initiatives, benefiting from the added media interest.
  • Enhance relationships with peers and thought leaders in the corporate giving community.




– Lizette Romero


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