From New Mexico to Maine

Most of you reading this are probably feeling the snow, ice and freezing wind in which they are calling a storm of ‘historic proportions.’  After all – it is affecting more than 30 states and 100 million people.  Here in Dallas, where YourCause is located, we are feeling zero degree temperatures, 47 mph winds, airport closures and more.  The weather here, however, is easy compared to other states.

A 1,500 mile slice of the country is feeling the impact.  Tulsa, Oklahoma received a record breaking 13 inches of snow.  Interstate highways have closed throughout Oklahoma and Missouri.  Up to 16 inches of snow is expected in Michigan.  Missouri, Illinois, Oklahoma and Kansas are in states of emergency to bring extra resources to bear.  Iowa also activated guard members. Arkansas Governor declared a state of emergency as the entire northwestern portion of the state has received power outages. Chicago is expected to receive 13-22 inches of snow by Wednesday.

We don’t usually talk about weather on the YourCause blog but we can only imagine that there will be some serious affects and repercussions from the storm.  Inches of snow and ice accumulate, power lines crumble, emergency vehicles have come to a hault, airlines shut down, and crops are freezing out.  Also, at YourCause, we make it our job to inform our clients, community and followers about states of emergencies – both domestic and global.

We will be sure to inform you, if conditions get worse and a natural disaster is amongst us.  But in any case – we always provide the ability for groups of people (whether its your church group, neighborhood watch, community homeless shelter, etc.) to raise money and support for a cause of your choice.

For our corporate clientele, we offer disaster relief response.  Learn more about it here or input your inquiry at anytime here  ( 


– Lizette ROmero


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