They have the Technology, You have the Ideas

I’ve been really impressed with Toyota’s “Ideas for Good” commercials.  One in particular resonates with me — a girl driving a Prius talks about the technology of a solar paneled ventilation system that keeps the car cool.  She conversationally and almost nonchalantly tells the audience that it would be a great idea to use that very same technology for cooling Medical/Volunteer tents after natural disasters.  That’s it.  It’s a simple idea using technology that has already been invented. It morphs that very same Prius technology for a different use, a GOOD use that improves the world and makes it a better place (beyond automobile luxury).

The commercial and ‘Ideas for Good’ campaign really got me thinking.  How many times have you had an idea that could change the world?  How many of you actually turned that idea into an opportunity?  Your answer probably coincides with a book I’m reading called ‘What I Wish I Knew When I was Twenty’ by Tina Seelig.

She focuses on entrepreneurship, at looking at problems and turning them into opportunities.  From the book, and from this Toyota campaign, I’ve gathered that we can all change the world and make it better…and most of the time it starts with an idea.  Thinking outside the box (which is exactly what Toyota challenges you to do) can add value and grow something from less to more — much more.  Sometimes the best opportunities are right there in front of us, just waiting for us to seize them.  We just have to see the world as opportunity-rich and include problems as opportunities. 

However, it’s difficult to do this.  It’s not so easy to identify a problem as an opportunity and turn that opportunity into value.  Fortunately, Toyota is giving you, me, us, everybody an opportunity. 

So – want to take the challenge?  

Submit your good idea.  Remember, nothing ventured is nothing gained.

– Lizette Romero



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