A Creative Outlook on the Importance of Sustainability

Last night I wandered around Half Price Books for about two hours and came across a book, “The Meaning of Life,” by David Friend and the Editors of LIFE (published back in 1991).

Who knew a $1.00 clearance book could inspire of a variety of insight. One in particular caught my attention as I currently read further into sustainability practices and corporate strategy.

Robert Longo’s perspective on the meaning of life and chance to save the planet illustrates the power of creative writing — where the resonance of words can pause readers to reflect and apply the perspective in their own lenses.

No green-washing propaganda here, just a good dosage of creativity.


“You’re walking through the forest. There’s trees falling down, animal carcasses. Then there’s this rusty coke can. You can barely notice it. Now, is the Coke can nature– or culture? Part of the underlying ‘why’ for our being here comes down to figuring out: What’s the deal with this can in the woods? Mankind has some kind of preverse cultural addiction to negating natural processes with our own creations– buildings and computers and bombs. But we’ve forgotten why we began building them in the first place. We’re like the character Arnold Schwarzenegger played in the movie The Terminator: a really efficient machine whose motives got lost somewhere. Our purpose is to get back to the reasons behind our creating– the middle ground where the medium and the message are one– back to the human values, the responsibilites to our fellow beings, that first prompted us, passionately, to build these replacement mechanisms. Once we do that we’ll have a chance to save the planet so other cats can grow up and dig the forest.”

– Amy Chait


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