Positive Action For CSR Programs: Employee Incentives & Promotions Work

What are successful programs we are seeing in employee engagement programs for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives?

Those who utilize incentives in creative manners that extend beyond traditional programs and introduce performance recognition. Moreover, technology allows companies to harness the power of many stories that take place daily to motivate and inspire others.

Acknowledging this trend, we’ve worked with our clients to introduce a cause card feature into our CSRconnect solution that recognizes employees for their volunteer efforts (commonly known as dollars-for-doers).


To setup a cause card campaign the administrators simply:

  • Create campaign name
  • Edit start, end and expiration date
  • Eligibility threshold (hours)
  • Default cause card amount
  • Select eligible event types and categories 

From there the campaign can be managed with a status review of the electronic cards distributed right through the employees profile.

We’re all about bringing greater efficiencies and effectiveness to our clients’ programs– so we’re excited to empower them with another tool to reward and recognize their do-gooders all within their exclusive communities.

Want to learn more about CSRconnect? Feel free to visit here!

– Amy Chait


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