Hello From Our (Expanded) Team!

Top Row (L to R): Matthew Combs (Founder/CEO), Wes Hendrix (Project Manager), Matt Johl (Payroll Manager), Rick Barr (Software Developer), Brian Lind (Customer Service)
Bottom Row (L to R): John Facey (Software Developer), Jing Hu (Software Developer), Prathibha Gannapureddy (Software Developer), Lizette Romero (Program Manager), Amy Chait (Market Development)

On behalf of the YourCause team, we wish everyone Happy Holidays!

I would like to take a moment to welcome our two newest team members that joined us this month:

Brian Lind, who will be helping us out with customer service (a quality of our company we’re proud of).

And John Facey, who will be an asset to the software development team that continues to enhance our technology for innovative solutions.

We’re excited for the new year, as we expect great things to keep unfolding as we expand.

– Amy Chait

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