Help Charity and win Bowl Tickets

I don’t have to tell you sport fans that the 2010-2011 Football Bowl Season is right around the corner.  In fact, all the bowl games and their respective teams were announced yesterday, with Oregon vs. Auburn in the National Championship game in Arizona. But I wanted to make a new announcement: you have the opportunity to win tickets to any bowl game your little heart desires AND give to charity.

Aiming to increase awareness, reduce waste and promote recycling, Keep America Beautiful and have set up an online event that encourages people to compete for an amazing deal on a bowl game trip: two tickets, plus hotel and airfare for any NCAA bowl game.  The event runs until December 9th, so act quickly and place your lowest unique bid!  Yes, lowest bid. Let me explain. This isn’t Ebay. You aren’t trying to outbid another person with the highest price. So potentially, the bowl package valued at $5,000 could be given to you for $1.03 or 94 cents.  

How it works:  Sign up, go to the event page and place a bid that is the lowest price and unique (unlike any other offers). The person with the lowest unique offer is able to buy the package at that price.

Sounds fun and interesting.  And, just by participating in the event, you could help Keep America Beautiful and win an amazing trip for two!

Good Luck,

Lizette Romero


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