Do Well By Doing Good

That’s the motto America’s most recognized brand-side cause marketing agencies: The Marketing Arm.

We’re proud to partner with The Marketing Arm to facilitate big ideas and provide the CSRconnect platform to engage employees and communities in their overall brand and Corporate Social Responsibly (CSR) strategy.

The new year is on the horizon and we plan to continue transforming the CSR space with the next-generation tools that are already driving more impact for clients like Dell, AT&T, ACS/Xerox and more.

We’ll work together to gain the most crucial cause insight by listening to our clients, benchmark programs and facilitate collaborative best practices.

Innovation is more than something we do, it’s something we value. The difference has allowed us to stay ahead of the curve in a sector that demands accountability.

Want to learn more about our partnership? Visit here.

– Amy Chait


One thought on “Do Well By Doing Good

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