Go Zero: Offset Your Carbon Footprint

Last week I had the pleasure of getting acquainted with Jena Meredith, Director of The Conservation Fund’s Go Zero program, and informed me how individuals can offset their carbon dioxide emissions by planting trees.

In fact, a donation of only $10.00 purchases one tree for the Go Zero program and offsets approximately one ton of CO2 emissions over a 100-year lifespan. Being “green” doesn’t have to be overwhelming when you have effective nonprofits like The Conservation Fund that make it easy to make a difference.

But how can I start making a difference starting as early as tomorrow?

Well, I’ve got a long-haul flight tomorrow evening from Dallas to Los Angeles that produces +/- 0.22 metric tons of CO2 emissions (one-way). A donation of $6.85 could will offset my carbon footprint from this trip.

There’s no green-washing here. One small action will make all the difference without demanding that I drastically change my lifestyle.

Baby steps are key and it took me less than a minute to purchase a tree through The Conservation Fund’s charity page at YourCause– ultimately putting me back at zero for tomorrow’s trip.

Want to go zero too? Calculate your carbon footprint here and learn how you can reduce your emissions while offsetting the rest.

– Amy Chait


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