Healthy Lung Month, Anyone?

When it comes to cause in the month of October, it becomes very pink. But there’s an awareness this month that doesn’t get much spotlight and it happens to be the most common cause of cancer death.

Did you know it was Healthy Lung Month?

All causes are important, but I am baffled that I do not see more marketing around lung disease in October when it is also the second-most diagnosed cancer in both men and women. And did you know 23 million Americans (including 7 million children) have difficulty breathing because they are diagnosed with asthma?

We need to keep our lungs healthy, especially with the grim statistics of how many lives are affected by lung disease.

You can learn more through the American Lung Association website and perhaps give them a little support this month on YourCause! Make a donation or connect to their charity here.

– Amy Chait


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