Time to Tweet!

We are proud to announce that we’ve partnered with HelpAttack, an Austin, TX venture that turns online activity into charitable deeds.

At  HelpAttack  you can pledge an amount of money for each action you take in a social network, and then give it to your favorite nonprofits. For instance, HelpAttack enables Twitter users to set a charitable donation amount (including maximum budgets for the month), choose a charity, and start tweeting.  Each tweet earns a penny or nickel for your charity.  At the end of the month, HelpAttack! bills your credit card and makes your donation for you. 

YourCause will be sharing charity data with HelpAttack! to make sure charities are 501(c)(3) approved, secure and operative.  YourCause pulls data from the Internet’s leading charitable resources, NetworkForGood.org and GuideStar.org , which provide up to 1.8 million charitable organizations in the YourCause database. 

As a running business that already has the nonprofit data information, YourCause partners with HelpAttack to support their initiative, inform an even broader audience and enable users to make better decisions based on their charitable giving (at no cost).

“Our partnership with YourCause has allowed us to very quickly add more than 5,200 nonprofits who can start receiving donations” said Ehren Foss, Chief Technology Officer of HelpAttack.  “We think that continuing to collaborate and share nonprofit profiles will make both our services, and the causes and nonprofits we serve, stronger.”


I just love the little character graphics at HelpAttack! Check more of them out here.


– Lizette Romero



One thought on “Time to Tweet!

  1. Sarah Vela

    Hi there! We’re thrilled to be partnered with YourCause as well. Thanks for the shout-out for our cast of characters. Glad you like them.


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