YourCause Now Offering Nonprofit Web Services!


We all know web design isn’t cheap and with online giving growing 50% each year – there’s a greater demand for nonprofits to have an effective online presence.

The YourCause team is always developing solutions that not only comply with market needs, but pursues the direction with the most impact. Along with our partners and, we utilize the web to help the non-profit world meet their objectives.  So, we’ve decided to launch a web service for nonprofits.

Nonprofits can forget the $5,000+ invoices and dependency on tech teams to maintain their content anytime they need an update. We are providing a full web 3.0 service to enrich online content with donor friendly tools in a budget that makes sense for NPOs.

Features include:

         Gives you a turn-key, state-of-the-art website in less than 14-days;

         A system that allows non-tech people to edit content, photos, and manage the site;

         A system that is less than $1,500 – fully delivered, and only $200/yr in future hosting! 

         A fully hosted and supported site that is super easy to administer;

         Donation tools integrated within your website to stimulate donations

         Hop in the driver’s seat – you choose your content, layout, design, photos, etc!

One at a time, we build solutions for individuals, nonprofits and corporations that influence the greater good on the World Wide Web and landscape the way for online impact.

If you’re a nonprofit looking to find more creative ways to drive awareness and action – contact me at for more information!

You can download a copy of our general overview here.

– Amy Chait



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