Nonprofits: “Why Should I Use”

Most nonprofits have their hands full these days with social media – it’s high maintenance to manage your website, Twitter, Facebook and more.

When we reach out to nonprofits to get engaged with the community, we frequently get asked: Why should I use

(typically commenting thereafter that they already use Facebook Causes and Twitter)

Our innovative technology stands us apart from any other online cause-related network. We provide donors and volunteers a one-stop shop for information about nonprofits while offering immediate engagement opportunities.

On the other hand, we offer nonprofits free administrative rights for their charity page within our total database of 1.4 million nonprofits where they can update charity information, demonstrate impact, upload opportunities and directly connect with each potential/current donors.

 It’s not enough to update individual websites and hope that people will come and find it. Intermediaries have to provide timely, accurate information where the potential donors are.  *

Affluent donors are already active internet users with growing expectations of transparency of an organization’s impact and a desire for active engagement. We’ve developed a platform with powerful tools that fit a more strategic donor and create tangible connections that can turn a potential donor into a passionate individual seeking long-term goals with an organization. may not be the size of Facebook, but we are a growing community that has fundraised over $1,200,000 for nonprofits of all sizes and directly connecting them with supporters.

Facebook Causes is great for engagement, but we are looking to implement effectiveness and investing donors. With Causes, nonprofits don’t have access to the data of donations that come through and unable to connect directly with donors to build valuable fundraising relationships.

We’re aggregating a community that attracts all type do-gooders on the web, why would one miss the chance to attract a potential donor to invest in their organization?

Some examples of success through

  • To Write Love on Yours Arms provided as a resource to their supporters, resulting in over 500 members directly linking their cause profiles to the organization within the first month (multiplying awareness through rich networks)
  • The YourCause community created viral fundraising campaigns totaling $275,000 to aid Haiti quake victims within the first two weeks it struck

I hope you will join us. Contact us today to learn more and be a featured charity in our community by e-mailing us at!

– Amy Chait



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