A Global Initiative

If you don’t know already…Hi! We’re YourCause, a social networking site empowering millions to raise billions! On the other hand, we also provide corporations with social responsibility solutions.

We provide corporations with the CSR Connect employee engagement platform, an innovative deployment of a holistic approach that centralizes all CSR-related programs. Our CSR Connect product is a fully hosted and manageable web-based platform that provides a flexible solution to custom applications suitable for each company’s needs.  It easily adapts for extensions, captures all activity for reporting purposes and abides by corporate branding standards.

We develop technology that empowers individuals and companies with the necessary innovative online tools to connect to their favorite nonprofits, facilitate fundraising/volunteer activities and, ultimately, harness the web to make a positive impact throughout their corporation, community and the world!

We are pleased to announce our latest success – going global! All our CSR Connect tools, including everything available to the average internet user on YourCause.com, will have multi-lingual capabilities.  That’s right, you now have the ability to change language settings to Portuguese, Spanish, English or Chinese-Mandarin. In addition, international credit card donation processing is available along with the ability to add or search intercontinental volunteer opportunities.  No matter what features or tools are administered, the ability to track and centralize global employees in real-time reports is always at your fingertips within the CSR

We hope you enjoy the improvements.  Please stay tuned for further updates as we deploy more language capabilities throughout the year!

-Lizette Romero



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