reco® jeans: The Einsteins’ of Sustainable Fashion

“The more I learn, the more I realize I don’t know,” Einstein said – a curious scientist and philosopher who feverishly worked towards expanding his mind with knowledge.

Without science, we would not prevail in things like technology and medicine – or perhaps the fashion industry.

Wait, fashion and science?

Fashion and science may not seem like two peas in a pod – until you discover reco® jeans, that is. reco® jeans is a unique denim brand going beyond organic trends and developing the first line of jeans with an innovative recycled fabric. They have created a solution for sustainable manufacturing, only leading to another question:

How is the apparel industry hurting our environment?

More than 20% of pesticides are used to maintain cotton around the world – where poisons seep into the soil and stream into our water supply (harming the Earth and you). reco® jeans’ recycled cotton and other materials go beyond organic solutions by using scraps of fabric that would otherwise be thrown away and reduce fabric waste up to 60% in landfills.

I guess you could say they are the Einsteins’ of sustainable fashion by creating a much more simple formula for consumers to green their lifestyle. By choosing to wear a pair of reco® jeans, you can minimize the harmful effects of cotton farming and reduce the amount of waste entering our landfills.

“With fits and styles for both men and women, reco® jeans makes being responsible look good,” reco® jeans team said.

We may not all be on the same level as Einstein, but could benefit from his lesson that discovering new knowledge can inspire us to take action for the things we learn.

As green issues continue to emerge, there’s much more to be learned, requiring us to continue our education outside of text books. Eco-education is key for reco® jeans— because they strive to provide answers to the rising questions about sustainability with company information including: who they work with, how they manufacture, and fun eco-friendly tips.

In addition, reco® jeans takes science to another level by partnering with Global Genes Project, a grassroots effort to increase awareness for the prevalence of rare diseases and help those affected by them. They are in the process of manufacturing a recycled denim ribbon dedicated to the cause, which will feature particular styles to benefit the organization.

“We understand what it’s like being a smaller company with a large message,” reco® jeans team said, “We’re happy to help people understand the importance of what Global Genes Project is trying to do – one leg at a time.”

So, Einstein was right. The more I learned about reco® jeans, the more I realized I didn’t know that a staple piece of my wardrobe could play a huge part in sustainability. reco® jeans is a fashion forward company that can help us live responsibly through a simple purchase of denim and spark our curiosity through their ongoing educational outreach.

-Amy Chait

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