http:// Dial-Up to Changing the World

Accepting change seems to be the wise recommendation we always hear – yet one of the hardest thing to embrace. Technology has dramatically changed our lives, quickly. It was not long ago I was listening to the tunes of dial-up and attempting to enter a full Nickelodeon chat room. The internet is a phenomenon that has put an immense amount of information at our finger tips, and expanded our social networks beyond family and friends we see on a daily basis.

Innovation creates a continuum of individual and societal metamorphosis that conditions us to appropriately adapt to our time. Philanthropy has slowly, but surely, begun shedding its shell to expose itself to the idea of ‘creative philanthropy.’

Conventional philanthropy overly focuses on money, yet, the power of the Internet has allowed individuals of all ages to increase awareness and find opportunities to make impact outside of donations. Technology has empowered creative philanthropy to harness rich networks and effectively use communication as an essential tool to achieve desired outcomes.

All of this came up by reading AdvertisingAge’s article of ‘must-see cause-marketing’ YouTube videos, only to show individuals do have the power to make an impact with a connection to the world wide web. The YourCause team happily watches our community make a difference in so many ways, letting us see the pros over the cons of  ‘social networks.’

-Amy Chait

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