Protect Our Oceans: The Gulf of Mexico Disaster

Chris Graythen/Getty Images from NY Times

“What started with a human tragedy and suspected tragic loss of 11 lives on April 21, now appears to be unfolding into one of the worst environmental disasters in U.S. history.”

Oceana Inc Blog

I’m saddened by the images that have come from the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico – endangering lives of workers AND now hundreds of species in the area.

Reading Oceana Inc’s blog entry, I’ve learned the Gulf is one of the most productive fish and wildlife habitats. Right now sea turtles are beginning to lay their eggs along the beach, bluefin tuna are spawning, and whales/dolphins/sea turtles are all at risk to inhale oil when they come up to the surface for air.

(click here to read the full entry)

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– Amy Chait

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