Nine billion people. One Planet.

We may not need to share religious ideas, political systems or cultural customs.  But, ultimately, we need to share this planet.  Environmental destruction (or conservation) in the North Pole, Africa or anywhere else in the world has a direct effect on me, my future children and my life.  Same goes for you or her or him or them.  With nine billion people in the world, we only have one planet.

Hence, Earth Day is planted in our annual calendar.  Don’t think of it as just a hippie holiday born in the 70s, but a legitimate day of remembrance to protect our air, water and planet for future generations.

Forty years ago, a small group of dedicated citizens decided to take action to make their local communities cleaner and healthier, and from this spirit, Earth Day was born. 

We, along with 175 other countries, observe Earth Day.   But how many of us are taking action?

The Obama administration urges you to get involved and make a positive impact on our planet.   

To find volunteer opportunities in your area, click here and search by zip code and keyword. 

Or, you can do what I did.

Pick 5 actions that you’ll commit to making a more sustainable future.

Mine are:

– Use only the water you need, and reuse when possible (I plan to get a shower timer to help me reduce water).

– Help keep water clean by using biodegradable and environmentally friendly cleaning products (There are so many earth-friendly cleaning products out there that are better for your health and the planet…that’s a given)!

– E-cycle – Recycle all my old cell phones and computer gadgets I have in storage.

– Support a green charity @ (I support 1 for the Planet, which inspires members of the business community to contribute 1% of sales to environmental groups around the world).

What are yours??

Happy Earth Day,

Lizette Romero



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