Calling all Nonprofits

Are you a nonprofit?
Let’s do something together. 
Our website is perfect to get your volunteers, board members and employees more involved.   

Philanthropy is being reinvented online.  Join us and learn how to use our online charity pages, group pages, cause pages and premier fundraising tools to the best of your ability.

Check out the success we’ve had with Sankara Eye Foundation and To Write Love on Her Arms.  You can have success with us too!  It’s simple. You can:

  • Get all your nonprofit’s associates to create a cause page, instantly starting a viral campaign to fundraise and advocate.
  • Before you know it, you will have X amount of cause pages supporting your charity, creating an online presence both internally and externally from the YourCause community.
  • Create a competition out of it!  Let’s give a T-shirt to the person who raises the most.  Let’s  feature them on our website. Let’s match their donations! The opportunities and ideas are endless!
  • Have a special event coming up?  Create an event and fundraise specifically for it.
  • Benefit runs and walks are perfect for our platform.  Allow all runners to sign up and fundraise for your charity (via  Engage more than athletes in the run/walk — allow a winner to be a fundraiser!

·         We have tons of ideas, depending on your nonprofit’s needs.  Let’s talk about them and get something rolling. 

YourCause provides the tools; the members bring the passion.  We are looking for more interaction with our nonprofits!  Let’s chat.  Email us: if you’re interested in learning how to better harness our tools and services.  Did i mention we’re free??

-Lizette Romero



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