Bridge Over Troubled Water

It makes me really proud to be part of the community, which raised more than $275,000 for Haiti Relief efforts.  (Read more about our Haiti response here.)

It makes me even more proud to be a part of the humanitarian corps that emerged globally.  Total donations up-to-date include: more than $1 billion from governments, including $575 million from Europe and $316 million from U.S. government, in addition to $470 million in donations through private U.S. charities, according to the Associated Press. 

Yet, news coverage dilutes and the American Cross reports that donations dwindle down by 50%.  Still – I’m proud that as I make my way over to, a donation was made less than thirty minutes ago to the American National Red Cross.  

Haiti still needs your generosity.  And, while I watched Mary J. Blige nearly sing to tears along with Andre Bocelli to “Bridge Over Troubled Water,” my pride carries on.  Even the Grammy Awards contributed to Haiti relief efforts, showcasing the duo to sing a song that will be available for purchase at beginning February 1st.  One hundred percent of all proceeds will be donated to the Red Cross.  It’s a creative way to give and we encourage you to purchase the special grammy performance!

We also like to think that allows you to creatively donate too.  If you aren’t already, become part of our caring online community and join the Helping Haiti Quake Victim’s group, made by’s founder Matthew Combs.

Help build the bridge over troubled water. Keep hope alive!

-Lizette Romero



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