Travelling With a Different Purpose


I just completed my first trip back to China in 2010 (as I work  to get off the ground) and noticed that this time it had a bit of a different feeling compared to all my previous visits.  You see, I haven’t been back to China since signing our second largest private label client (and largest International client – with over 20,000 employees in mainland China) who’s requirement is for us to deploy our services in China.  This client, still yet to be named (for legal reasons) is seeking to provide volunteer management solution to their global network of employees and have chosen the YourCause platform to do so. The Chinese market represents a vast proportion of their employee base (outside of the US), therefore, they’re making sure to provide the same sort of solutions as are available in the US, to all their employees globally.  

So instead of shifting my mentally (as I usually do) from thinking about “cause” to “basketball” (oh… WOHOOPS is an online basketball site for Chinese players), I found that I was able to think about both cause and hoops this trip.  Soon, I’ll be doing BOTH while over here!  Pretty exciting in so many ways.  With all that I have seen here in China, I have come to realize that this country – despite the abundant wealth we read about in Business Week – DOES has some major needs that have gone largely unaddressed.  The mere thought of being able to spearhead a charge to do some good here in China is something that really gets me going.   

What does that really mean?  Well, YourCause (under this name or another) will be offering our services to the International market starting towards the end of the first quarter of 2010.  We will provide the platform in additional languages beyond just English.  As well, users will be able to process donations for a select number of International charities, will be able to select volunteer events from international charities, and will be able to connect with others from the International community. 

What is YourCause going to do?  Our team is going to be conducting outreach to each of these markets and the respective target charities that our clients have previously identified.  We will work with each non-profits to utilize the YourCause platform to connect with the employees from the corporate world.  We are going to be vetting new charities and seeking new ways in which we can expand the platform to better meet the needs of the International community. 

So stay tuned for me.  If you have any ideas, thoughts, suggestions, contacts, or just want to be a part of our expansion – send me an email ( and let me know.  Would love to hear from you.

-Matthew Combs |




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