Turn Information Into Action

At YourCause we know the power of social media.  We see how nonprofit organizations use social media to deliver activism within social networks.  As more and more nonprofit organizations join the plight, we can only assume that it’s working (see: American Cancer Society’s More Birthdays campaign).  It’s working because it’s simply just another tool and space for people to meet, activate and engage in positive change.  

There’s this great website part of the Tactical Technology Collective which helps advocates utilize information, communications and digital technologies to enhance their work.  I thought this would be great to relay onto our members since we want them to use the YourCause platform as well as they can.  Here are some tips, brought to you via infoactivism.org mostly focusing on visual stimulation like photos and videos that may help capture attention and communicate your cause:

  1. Mobilize People – Mobilizing people around an issue requires a strong message, clear goals and a good plan.  Video is a powerful tool to bring people together to take action.  Always end in a ‘call to action’ whether it’s to rally at a certain time or buy food products locally. 
  2. Witness and Record – Record rights being abused as they happen.  Become a citizen journalist.  Witness, record, broadcast and expose. 
  3. Visualize Your Message – Don’t always rely on words.  Be creative.  Animation lends a license to take on many difficult subjects that normal filmmaking cannot. 
  4. Amplify Personal Stories – It’s easy to get lost in the big picture.  Bring a personal experience to the front line.  This makes it harder to ignore. 

More tips, videos and case stories can be found at the website (infoactivism.org).  Have a look and input the tips you learn onto your cause page at YourCause.com.  Let’s keep using the social media craze to turn information into action!

– Lizette Romero

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