Should the spirit of giving really have a season?

Deep in the midst of holidays, within the forefront of our online community, cause titles like “Season of Giving,” “Holiday Call to Service” and “Operation Christmas Child” appear.  During this time, people want to make a difference.  People like to give rather than receive.

However, they say December 31st is the biggest charity giving day of the year – not on Hannukkah, not on Christmas, not on Kwanzaa.  This makes me ask: what is it?  What’s the REAL reason people give in December?  Is it the spirit of the holiday season?  Or is it the spirit of tax season around the corner? 

I’d like to think there’s an aura about the holidays that bring about a heightened sense of love, peace on earth and all that other good stuff.  But sometimes, it’s hard to look pass the shiny tinsel and the frenzied commercial madness.  After all, what does the retail and gift tags have to do with peace on earth anyway?  And let’s be honest.  How often than not does a present really give what we were hoping to give or say what we were hoping to say?  And do we really find what we were looking for beneath all the leftover bows, wrapping paper and dried pine leaves?

Should the spirit of giving really have a season?  Shouldn’t your ‘spirit’ rather give than receive all year long rather than a two month span starting on thanksgiving and ending on New Year’s? 

I grew up celebrating Christmas every year and there’s one long lost carol that always sticks out in my mind – even now as I write this.  The chorus sings “Oh the real meaning of Christmas is the giving of love everyday.” 

Perfectly said, the real meaning of the holiday season is to give and love everyday not just seasonally.  And that’s what we say at YourCause too! And that’s why we exist as well – to keep the spirit of giving year-round, making it accessible to you 24-7 to give, give and give, not only in dollar signs but through time and volunteerism too!

Happy Holidays and keep that spirit of yours shining through 2010 and the years ahead!

– Lizette Romero



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