Gift That Keeps Giving

Forty-five million blind people live in the world today.  The good news remains that 80 percent of blindness can be cured!  Step back again to realize that  most blind people live in poverty-stricken, undeveloped, rural areas of the world – too poor to get treatment.  Thus, blindness becomes a roller coaster of statistics! However, it ends on a peak that, yes, there are donors, volunteers, doctors and organizations caring enough to make a difference.

Specifically, the Sankara Eye Foundation is one organization that raises funds to construct approximately 70,000 eye surgeries a year in India alone.  Why focus on India?  Because it’s home to 1/5th of the entire blind population in the world, a total of 12 million blind!  The mission of Sankara Eye Foundation exists to create 20/20 vision by the year 2020.  With a sponsored cataract surgery costing a mere $30, I think this is achieveable …and so do they!

This holiday season, Sankara asks you to join the December SEF Champion Campaign on by donating $30 to perform one cataract surgery, ultimately raising enough money to give 10,000 people the gift of vision by the 31st.  Champion campaigners will give so much more than sight, enabling rural Indian children to read, adults to sustain a living and elderly to maintain their independence. But this is far from just a holiday bequest; blindness can continue to be cured long after the stockings are store and menorah lulled.  Together, we can give the gift that keeps giving.

The Sankara Eye Foundation has created 53 causes, raising $12,000 in a month.  Click the picture to follow the campaign!


Congratulations and keep giving!

Lizette Romero


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