I’m fortunate…and that’s an understatement. 

I, unlike the 923 million hungry people in the world, have never had to deal with the inability to feed my growling, snarling, empty stomach.  In fact, I hardly experience the pain of hunger, as there’s always a dollar menu around the corner or a granola bar in the pantry.

In the season of Thanksgiving and the cornucopia of food that will be in tomorrow’s fridge (and a week after that), this seems like a time-worthy entry.  Although, in actuality, what sparked my thoughts about hunger is the fact that Jing, our software developer and mother of two, recently said “in the 21st century humans shouldn’t have to face threats of starvation and hunger.”  This short but sweet sentence made me stop.  And think….

We can skyrocket to the moon.

We can clone embryos.

We (Americans) can spend 41 billion a year on our pets (that’s more than the gross domestic product of all but 64 countries in the world)

But we can’t end world hunger?


A simple yet loaded question that two-year-olds ask every millisecond:

<img src=”http://api.photoshop.com/home_be69422c1fd24e909454e8d927c150de/adobe-px-assets/d04f9a951cd44bedac19d1eb5af11ff6&#8243; width=”225″ height=”160″/>

WHY, a grassroots nonprofit organization, seeks to find answers for hunger and poverty, wishing to eliminate this human tragedy once and for all.  The organization leads in advocacy for innovative, community-based solutions to hunger and poverty. WHY challenges society to confront these problems by advancing models that create self-reliance, economic justice, and equal access to nutritious and affordable food.

So while I’m eating my turkey, green beans, mashed potatoes and stuffing I can be grateful that there are organizations upon organizations dedicated to finding answers to eliminate world hunger?  Hmm…that’s not good enough for me.  How about you?

We shouldn’t stop at asking why hunger exists; we have to join together to end it! 

Last year, I helped a soup kitchen distribute turkey dinners to the homeless in Austin, Texas.  I don’t have plans this year, but guess what?  That’s the beauty of YourCause.com! I can find last-minute volunteer opportunities or support an organization like WHY that achieves to eliminate world hunger.  

Check out WHY at YourCause.com: http://www.yourcause.com/Charities/132805575

If you have volunteer opportunities this Thanksgiving please let us know!  We’re always interested in hearing the productivity and advocacy of our YourCause members.

A very thankful,

Lizette Romero




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