CNN Heroes: Puts Things in Perspective


I’ve come to realize that in the world of “doing good” there are those who are ‘doing’ good and those who actually ‘do good.’  Although they may be grouped in the same category at the end of the day, I truly believe the difference between the two is quite significant.  The notion was reaffirmed to me this weekend while in Los Angeles at the filming of the CNN Heroes (to air Thanksgiving Day on CNN). 

Perhaps it only makes sense to define the differences.  People ‘doing good’ takes place all around us.  It could be argued that the entire premise of is for doing good – supporting charities through promotion, donation, awareness and action are (in my mind) all a part of doing good in our society. 

People who ‘do good,’ are the people who actually get out in the field, who make the sacrifices and roll up their sleeves, dedicating themselves to executing the ‘good’ that the rest of us only read in stories or see in movies.  It’s not the people who do good in their spare time, on the weekend or when time permits.  These aren’t the ones who give when they can, measuring good only by the total amount they deduct from their taxes at the end of the year. 

The people who ‘do good,’ which are the same people I was so privileged to meet in Los Angeles this weekend at the CNN Heroes event, are the individuals who devote themselves to their respective causes.  They’ve made their cause their life, only thinking in terms of their ability to accomplish what they’ve set out to do.  They dedicate extraordinary passion about their cause.  Of the CNN Heroes I met this weekend, each has a touching personal story that motivates them for years.  Each Hero has tirelessly given everything they have to see their efforts make the intended difference. 

This weekend really made me realize how people who are “doing good” differ from those who actually “do good.”  As each of the CNN Heroes told me in personal conversations, “it truly does take both sides to make it all work.”  It takes those who can support, encourage, and motivate – and it takes those who can act and execute. 

Which am I? 


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