16 Children, 16 New Lives

Some days I become disappointed by the defeat of corruption. But not this past Saturday. Not in the courtroom decorated with balloons and teddy bears, policemen with face painting, and a teary eyed judge and volunteers who witnessed kids being adopted from child protection services.

I never felt this kind of joy before— the joy where you gleam with a smile because you feel the energy of these new families and know this is a turning point of a new life for these children. I felt privileged to be part of such an important day for these individuals, as I watched a foster dad with the biggest grin I have ever seen, silently clapping his hands because little Chloe got adopted.

“We all have roles, but we also have hearts,” said the judge. Roles such as, parents, lawyers, prosecutors and case workers, volunteers etc. However, for National Adoption Day in Mckinney, Texas all of our roles turned into one: to witness children announcing their new names and revive from a broken home.

My role was a volunteer, and I genuinely felt a surge of happiness – not for my own good, but for the 16 children with new beginnings.

Thank you Children’s Advocacy Center for not only a moving day, but bringing miracles to the kids who deserve a future.

Living with hope,




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