Teaching Students to Care

I was a high school student not too long ago. I don’t recall worrying too much about the HIV crisis in Africa or even realizing that human trafficking (modern day slavery) existed.  I was too busy trying to learn about past slavery in American History class, attempting to get that dual college credit, pass all my classes and of course, win the attention of my latest crush. 

There’s a lot going on during those crucial high school years.  You learn about the world but in a micro-type setting.  Sure, you learn about eating disorders – your best friend may have one.  You learn about keeping peace in faraway places – your brother got deported last year.  However, you still have the restrictions a 16-year-old has in this world.  I mean, you still have to ASK your teacher for permission to use the bathroom!  So as much as you’d like to start caring about the world, it’s hard to get out there and do something about it (especially when you may not even have your driver’s license yet).

The solution?

For an English teacher of Coppell Independent School District located in Coppell, TX she sought out the use of YourCause.com.

<img src=”http://api.photoshop.com/home_140856372c6b49b3873470ae3c565767/adobe-px-assets/5a97c4d7c95643f480c8ba7c29a4a30f” width=”415″ height=”300″/>

As a school project, the teacher instructed her students to get more involved in philanthropy and cause awareness, all through their computer screen via YourCause. We are happy to say that 67 new causes from students at Coppell High School have joined the YourCause community thus far.  That’s 67 more high school students that now have the ability to rally for a cause of their choice!  As part of the project, students must send their causes out to 20 or more of their friends and family.  We hope their efforts get rewarded and we’d like to say congratulations to Coppell High for teaching their students to care! 

We truly find the student’s causes inspirational.  Everything from ‘Serving the World with Humanitarian Relief’ and ‘Spreading Music to all Parts of the World’ can be found as subjects of their passion.

Go Cowboys!

– Lizette Romero


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